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If you are known as a citizen of a particular nation, it would mean that you are officially recognized to be a formal member of the country. Once you become a citizen of Australia, this would be really significant as you can easily get a bond of recognition by the government of Australia. You can now be free to adopt the life style in Australia. Thus, this is the time for you to know about responsibilities and privileges of Australian citizenship.

Importance in being Australian Citizen

  • You can get shared identity as other Australians
  • Building own nation is another significance
  • Free welcome for the migrants is allowed by the Australian government
  • Even a migrant can be a formal citizen of Australia
  • There is a great unity among the people of the nation

Responsibilities as Australian citizen

Since the government of Australia has allowed you with wide number of facilities, it is also your duty to know and abide with the responsibilities. Some of the responsibilities are:

  • Obeying Australian Laws
  • Vote during the election taking place in Australia
  • Make enrolment in the register of territory, state and federal elections
  • Defending the nation whenever the need arise
  • Serving the jury when required

Privilege enjoyed by the Australian citizen

There are wide number of privileges which is enjoyed by the person being the citizen of Australia. Some of the privileges are:

  • You can easily live in Australian independently
  • You have the right to vote and select your leader
  • You don't have to get a return Visa to leave and return to Australia
  • You can register or adopt a child who have born overseas
  • It will be an ease to apply for an Australian passport
  • It is possible to apply for a job in government as well as private sector.

So, you must know about the privileges as well as rights after being a citizen of Australia. There are some responsibilities which needs to be carried on well as an Australian of the particular nation.

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