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If you are born and brought up in a different country and wish to settle in Australia, it is mandatory for you to know about the life and culture in Australia. If you have never stayed in Australia, it will be a new country for you. The ways of living, food habit, religion etc will be really different in Australia as compared to other countries. Some of the fields where you must know about the life in Australia are as under.

System of Education

System of education in Australian is really different as it is open to all type of people. You can now be in a state to learn even if you are quite aged to learn. Australia has such an educational standard and system that will easily be suitable for people with all ages. As soon as you have an entry in your educational background, it will be easier for you to get into any standard of education. Students with five to fifteen years of age must attend school.

Family life in Australia

If you are having family and have a wish to take the entire family to the nation and get a permanent settlement, you must know about family life in Australia. People in Australia provide a great importance to family and their family life. The day to day life in Australia does not hamper the family life. There are many communities that provide help when your family is facing problem in a foreign land. The support service for the family is totally free.

Health activities in Australia

Health is an important criterion which you must consider while shifting to a different land. Australia has a good sanitation facility in houses, public places as well as office. Water supplied by the corporation is also very clean. There are adequate supply of food and medicine to each individual suffering from any type of problem associated with health.


Recreation is another major consideration for determining life in Australia. There are open spaces where children as well as adults can carry on with various recreational activities. The outdoor pass time becomes really enjoyable to people around.

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