Indian Getting Australian Citizenship - Information on Dual Citizenship

Australia is a dream country for everyone to live at. Also once an individual becomes an Australian citizen he is a member of one of the most singular community of the world. Also unlike various other nations, Australia enjoys the benefits of a stable government system. Perhaps that is the reason why people from all corners of the world seek for the Australian citizenship.

Being an Indian, you can also apply for the citizenship in Australia. For becoming an Australian citizen you need to be a permanent resident of Australia. All the information on various visa options for Indians can be obtained from the website of Australian High Commission in India.

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) at the Australian High Commission in New Delhi accepts most of the visa requests along with a few citizenship requests for residents of India, Nepal and Bhutan.

Citizenship options available in Australia

The citizenship can be availed of through the three options mentioned below:

  • Citizenship by descent
  • Citizenship by birth
  • Citizenship by conferral

What to do to get Australian citizenship

Once you determine under which of the three options you can apply for the citizenship of Australia, you need to file an application in this regard with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, Australia.

The officials at the department shall carry out an assessment of your citizenship application and shall see to it that all the prerequisites and essentials are orderly met. In case your visa assessment is positive, you shall be asked to take a citizenship test and you will be required to qualify it.

Dual citizenship of India and Australia

India, by virtue of its constitution does not allow an individual to hold the dual citizenship of India and another nation. However it shall be wise to mention here that Government of India do allow the grant of Overseas Citizenship of India, commonly known as OCI.

Individuals recorded as OCI does not enjoy voting rights in India and also can not occupy any position of importance such as that of Member of Parliament, Prime Minister of India, President of India etc.

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