Australian Citizenship for Students - How to Become a Permanent Resident Info

Getting the Australian citizenship for student is not that easy. A student first need to become a permanent citizen of Australia before he can apply for the Australian citizenship. To become permanent citizen he needs to migrate to Australia. Australian migration has a few alternatives for students willing of moving to Australia for study purpose. To request for approval, students have to offer all the details on the program and course they are willing to study and have to show that they have received an admission offer from an institute in Australia. They need to get student visa before they study in Australia and can apply for citizenship in Australia if they are willing to settle in Australia.

  • Be aware of various student visa alternatives. Most general visa alternatives for students in order to get an access into Australia consist of: English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS) (subclass 570), school course (subclass 571), Professional study and education, or Higher Studies. The education course will make students qualified for migrating into Australia, nevertheless, evidence of admission into the course is needed to confirm the visa request.
  • Lodge the request for a student visa for Australia online over the internet. You can access the website of Australian Government Department of Immigration and Citizenship and forward your visa request.
  • Affix all the required papers and documentations together with the Personal Particulars Form and Student Supplement Form in addition to every other paper that are needed. The online wizard will guide you to download the necessary forms. Further medical and financial statements may be needed
  • Get in touch with a migration bureau in your state. Contact details can differ, however a directory is accessible on the website of Australian Government Department of Immigration and Citizenship. Country and state migration bureau details are obtainable in alphabetical sequence.
  • Confirm the status of your student visa. You can make use of your username and password to confirm the status of your visa request online.

After you are issued a student visa you can complete your course in Australia. If you are willing to settle in Australia you can apply for permanent residency to any of the immigration office. Subsequently you can request for Australian citizenship as well.

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