Offshore Resettlement Australia - Details

The offshore part of the Refugee and Humanitarian Program has 2 groups:

  • The Refugee group for individuals subject to harassment in their home nation.
  • The Special Humanitarian Program (SHP) group for individuals who, while not recognised as refugees, are subject to considerable prejudice resulting to an extreme infringement of their human rights in their home nation.
Individuals who desire to be counted for an SHP visa must not be staying in their home nation and be recommended for access to Australia by an Australian citizen, permanent inhabitant, qualified New Zealand citizen, or an establishment functioning in Australia.

These groups of people go past the global responsibilities of Australian government and have been initiated to forward their help to individuals in need.

Who is entitled for this program?

An individual may be qualified in the case if:

  • He is outside Australia.
  • He have been recognized as a expatriate or a person exposed to harassment or considerable prejudice resulting to an extreme infringement of human rights in their home nation and considered to be in charitable requirement.

Candidates should also convince the decision maker that there are convincing motives for giving exceptional consideration to the issue of a valid visa. This decisive factor is same for all permanent visa subtypes coming under the offshore Humanitarian Program.

It entails a review of a range of factors together with:

  • the extent of harassment or prejudice to which the candidate is exposed to in their home nation
  • the degree of the candidate's association with Australia
  • whether or not there is any appropriate nation available, other than Australia, that can offer for the settlement and safety of the candidate from prejudice
  • the capability of the Australian society to offer for the permanent residence of people similar to the candidate in Australia.

Who may recommend the candidate?

A person who is recommending the candidate must be one of the following:

  • a citizen of Australia
  • an Australian permanent inhabitant
  • an Australian institution
  • a qualified New Zealand citizen

Forwarding the visa request

All the application should be made through Offshore Humanitarian Visa (Form 842) and a Refugee and Special Humanitarian Proposal (Form 681).

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