Australian Immigration Application Fees, Forms and Appeals Information

It is important to know about the fees needed while applying for the Australian citizenship. Individual must collect the correct form that will probably deal with citizenship application.

Application fees

What is the application fee charged by the authority would probably be a big question for the individual willing to apply for citizenship. The cost as well as the time taken for processing the application will depend on the eligibility of the candidate. There are different forms for different individual with varied eligibility. There are some cases where an individual can easily apply for exemption or recession.

Mode of payment

Another important question connected to the fee is the mode of payment. The Australian embassy accepts the fees through the international credit card. While you are applying for the citizenship online, credit card is the most essential way to make the payment. There can be situations when you are lodging your application in an immigration office that is placed outside Australia. In such a situation the fees must be paid in the particular currency as the method stated by the currency converter.


You can now acquire the application form online. Or you can also call up the citizenship information office which remains open from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm from Monday to Friday. Basically two types of forms are available namely online application form and offline application form. If you are a permanent residence of Australia you can easily apply online. If you have travelled outside and in Australia since 1990, you may apply for the same. Paper application form is available at the office of the embassy which can be duly collected.


There can be situation when your application can get rejected by the Authority. In such a situation, you will have all the rights to ask for a reviewed decision by Administrative appeals Tribunals. You will be known about the place where you can get an application for review.

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