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Applying for the Australian citizenship by British citizens implies that they recognise Australia as their new home with all the constitutional rights and responsibilities of an individual who was born in Australia. Australian citizenship for British Citizens is in fact a big break that provides with huge incentives. By turning into an Australian citizen, a person is becoming the member of an exclusive society.

Citizenship by Descent

An infant can be recorded as an Australian citizen if either of his (or her) parents was an Australian citizen at the moment of the infant's birth. It is worth noticing that he or she must be a recognised Australian citizen before they lodge an application for an Australian passport.

For citizenship by descent, the London office of Australian embassy executes the citizenship by descent request for clients living in the United Kingdom, Ireland and the countries like Germany, France, Greece etc.

The required documents are as under:

  • Recognition certificate for the infant or the child i.e. child's birth documentation
  • Recognition certificate necessary for the Australian parent of the infant or the child such as Australian passport granted after the date of 1 July 2005
  • Attestation of signature of the individual signing the application form
  • Proof of existing housing address such as bank report
  • Proof of any other citizenships possessed by the Australian parent

Seeking help of migration Agent

If a British citizen wants to apply for the Australian citizenship he or she can directly contact the Australian embassy at United Kingdom in person by making an appointment with them or he or she may seek the help of a migration agent. It is worth mentioning that migration agent cannot decide or manipulate the outcome of the citizenship request. It just guides you in filing the citizenship application.

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