Australian Citizenship for Permanent Residents - Eligibility and Requirements Details

Individual migrating from a different nation from Australia must stay in the particular nation for few years. This is really an important criterion to get Australian citizenship for the long run. If you have a permanent residence while migrating from a different nation, it is important to satisfy the residence requirement. If you are having a good character, eligibility for citizenship will be really clear. At the time of application, it is mandatory for the applicant to be the permane4nt residents of the particular nation.

Meaning of permanent residence

If you are having a permanent residency, it means that you have a current visa that would eventually allow you to live in Australian independently. You can now find wide number of Visa available with the authority which is connected with the purpose of permanent residence. It is possible to check the status of permanent residency once you visit This website can even help you in finding visa of the similar type.

Start time of permanent residence

The candidate who have granted a migrant visa the date of your permanent residency is exactly the time when you arrived Australia first with the help of this Visa. The candidates who have been granted permanent residence visa onshore, the date of permanent residence will be the date on which particular visa is issued.

Eligibility criteria

It is important to note the eligibility criteria for Australian Citizenship for Permanent Residents.

According to Australian citizenship, r form 1300t is mandatory as the eligibility for the applicant with the age of 18 years and within 60 years of age. Another form known as form 1290 is provided for the Australian citizenship or the applicants with special circumstances.

You can now get more importance about the Australian Citizenship for Permanent Residents from You must be really keen to note each and every step for getting through the eligibility criteria of the residency status. The online website will help you to find the paper application form where you can fill up the details and submit the same to the authority itself.

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