Australian Citizenship for Germans - A Complete User Guide

Australia has been a preferred destination to settle down for people around the world. Also, the citizenship rule is more or less same for all the persons belonging to different nations of the world.

Citizens seeking for dual citizenship of Germany and Australia

Germany permits its inhabitants to get a foreign citizenship only in the following cases:

  • German Australian dual citizenship by virtue of birth: Children get dual citizenship by default by being a descendant from their parents (for instance a child belonging to the German mother and Australian father).
  • German Australian dual citizenship by requirement: If the present or prospective job in Australia needs Australian Citizenship for implementation. In this situation you require an authorization to keep holds of your German Citizenship prior to you accept the Australian Citizenship.�

Essential Requirements to get citizenship

Before you apply for the Australian citizenship you need to be a migrant who is a permanent inhabitant of Australia. For a German to become a permanent inhabitant, they need to possess a valid visa that allows them to be in the country of Australia for an indefinite period of time. There are various kind of such visas, the details of which can be obtained from Australian Embassies and websites of Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

A German citizen can also apply for Australian citizenship in case he or she is the spouse of an Australian citizen or if he or she is born to Australian parent overseas or in case he or she is adopted by Australian citizen by the rules and regulations laid down in �Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption.

He can also apply for the Australian citizenship in case he had surrendered his Australian citizenship in the past.

Once the application is forwarded to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship along with the required documentation, and if the person qualifies the citizenship test he can be granted the Australian citizenship.

Address of Australian Embassy - Berlin

Wallstrasse 76-79,

Tel: +49 30 880088-0
Fax: +49 30 880088-238
Email: n/a

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