Australian Citizenship for Dependents - Essential Information

Before individuals can attain permanent Australian citizenship, they must initiate the process by applying for a dependent visa, which allows them to enter Australia and subsequently seek permanent citizenship. The dependent visa bestows permanent residency upon its holders, serving as the initial step towards acquiring Australian citizenship.

Obtaining a Dependent Visa

Eligibility for a Dependent Visa

Dependent visas can be sought by the following individuals:

1. Spouses or family members of temporary visa holders in Australia, such as holders of student visas.

2. Partners of Australian residents.

Defining 'Family Members' of a Student

Those eligible to apply for a dependent visa to accompany a student visa holder include:

1. Spouses, including de facto spouses.

2. Unmarried children under the age of 18 who are dependents of the student visa holder.

If you are not officially married to your partner but wish to apply for a spouse dependent visa, you must provide evidence of cohabitation for a minimum of 12 months before submitting the visa application.

Benefits of the Dependent Visa

If granted a dependent visa as the spouse of a student visa holder, you are entitled to:

1. Enroll in an educational course in Australia for a period of up to 3 months.

2. Work during your stay in Australia for up to 20 hours per week.

Application Process for the Dependent Visa

To apply for a dependent visa, you have two options:

1. Your spouse can include you as a dependent when applying for their visa, or

2. If your spouse or relative you are dependent upon is already residing in Australia, they can recommend you for the visa.

If you meet all the requirements for Australian Citizenship, you may proceed to submit your application for permanent citizenship in Australia.

In summary, obtaining permanent Australian citizenship for dependents involves initially securing a dependent visa, which grants permanent residency status. Eligibility for this visa extends to spouses and family members of temporary visa holders and partners of Australian residents. To be considered a family member of a student visa holder, you can be a spouse or unmarried dependent child under 18 years of age. Additionally, if you plan to apply for a spouse dependent visa and are not officially married, you must demonstrate at least 12 months of cohabitation. Once the dependent visa is obtained, individuals may enroll in educational courses and work part-time during their stay in Australia. The application process for this visa can be initiated either through the primary visa holder or by a relative already residing in Australia. Meeting all the prerequisites for Australian Citizenship enables the submission of an application for permanent citizenship in the country.

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