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Before the dependents can get permanent Australian citizenship, they need to request for the dependent visa so that they can at least come into Australia and request for permanent citizenship. Dependent Visa grants permanent residency to the visa holders which is the first step of obtaining towards obtaining permanent citizenship in Australia.

Obtaining a dependent visa

Who can request for a Dependent visa?

By and large, you can request for a dependent visa:

  • in case you are spouse / member of family of a bearer of some kind of temporary visa in Australia (for instance, bearer of student visa),
  • in case your partner is an Australian inhabitant of Australia.

Who are 'members of family' of a student?

Qualified to request for the dependent visa to stay along with an owner of student visa is:

  • a�partner (together with de facto spouse) of the student visa owner or
  • a�dependent child�(single, and of less than 18 years) of the student visa owner.

In case you are not married with your spouse, but you are willing to request for spouse dependent visa, you have to forward a proof�that you both have stayed together for duration of no less than 12 months prior�to forwarding visa request.

What facilities do this visa provides me?

In case you are issued this visa as a spouse of the owner of student visa, you are permitted:

  • to take up an educational course in Australia for the period up to 3 months,
  • to take up a job for the period of your stay in Australia (up to 20 hours every week).

How to request for this kind of visa?

For dependent visa, you can be recommended by your spouse in his/her request for his visa, or he/she can recommend you while already being a student in Australia. Same applies when your spouse or relative whom you are dependent upon is not a student but is living in Australia.

In case you further satisfy all the requirements of Australian Citizenship, you can forward your request for a permanent citizenship in Australia.

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