Australian Nationality Citizenship Act 1948 - Information

According to the the Department of Immigration & Citizenship of the Government of Australia, immigration to Australia never occurred before the date of Jan 26, 1949. Before this date, Australia and its people were acknowledged as subjects of United Kingdom and Australia had a similar nationality policies along with the United Kingdom and the various other Commonwealth nations during those times.


The authority to state the Australian citizenship was legitimated by the Nationality & Citizenship Act 1948, also recognised as Australian act of 1948, which declared any individual born anywhere in Australia on or post Jan 26, 1949, was identified as an Australian citizen. The Department of Immigration & Citizenship declares that individuals having nationality of different countries could also request for the Australian citizenship on and post Jan 26, 1949. From the year of 1949, more than 4 million persons were declared by the Department of Immigration & Citizenship to have turn into Australian people The Nationality & Citizenship Act was further modified for the 21st century and now it is knows as Citizenship Act 2007.

Becoming an Australian Citizen

As mentioned earlier, Australian citizenship act of 1948 was modified into Citizenship Act 2007. The new prerequisites for becoming an Australian Citizens after the date of 1 July 2007 are as under:

In case you become the permanent resident post 1 July 2007, you will require to satisfy the following necessities to turn into an Australian citizen:

  • You have stayed legally in Australia for no less than 4 years; and
  • You have stayed in Australia for no less than 12 months as a permanent habitant

It should be wise to acknowledge here that in case you have stayed over 12 months in the previous 4 years outside Australia or three months in the previous 12 outside Australia, you can not satisfy the necessities for becoming an Australian citizen. The current necessities in addition identifies the modifications in the immigration schemes that happened during last few years which have ended to growing number of individuals staying in Australia for major part of time as provisional habitants before turning permanent habitants.

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