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Every country has its own symbol that clearly represents the nation as a whole. These symbols would speak about what is unique about the particular nation. The culture and history of Australia will be easily reflected with the help of the Australian symbols. Some of the vital symbols are as under:

Australian national flag

Australian Flag is one of the important symbols that help in speaking about its entity. If we go back to the history, it was flown in the year 1901. This is own a reason for the pride and identity of Australian nation. Whether there is a sport activity or any other nation meet, it is really important to have a symbol of Australian flag to identify the nation. Over the state as well as federal parliament, Australian National flag is seen to flown. It is also taken along when the defense forces parades and March.

Even in any public celebration of Australian Independence day, this flag is portrayed in schools, colleges, industries and other organizations in the particular nation. Australian national flag has three elements on the blue background; those are the Southern Cross, Union Jack and common wealth star.

Australian national anthem

Another important symbol that can differentiate Australian nation from rest of the world is its national anthem. You can now get all the information from the websites where the particular anthem is supposed to be sung. You can now download the music sheet online.

Australian national dress

Another important Australian symbol is Australian national dress. In any national festival this dress code is asked to wear by the authority.

Common wealth coat of arms

The formal symbol of Australian nation is known as the common wealth coat of arms. The ownership and authority of the coat of arms is directly related to Australian government. You can visit the website to get more information.

Floral emblem

Another important among the Australian symbols is the floral emblem. Golden wattle is the floral emblem of this particular country. The history will speak about many fascinating facts about this particular symbol. The proclamation and use of symbol is also equally important.

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