Facts and Statistics of Australian Citizenship

You can now get information about number of people those you have become the citizen of Australia for years or recently. From where these people have migrated is also available in Australian citizenship facts and statistics. The updates about new list of people joined citizenship are also displayed in Australian citizenship facts. You will also know about the passing rates of people who sat for citizenship test. You will also know about the particular number of application processed and received by the department.

Statistics of Australian citizenship

If we go back to the history, from the year 1949 till date, more than 4.5 million of people from various parts of the world have migrated and achieved the citizenship of Australian nation. In the year 1949, the government has granted nationality to 2,493 people who belong to 35 other nations. Among these, top 5 nationalities include:

  • German

  • Italian

  • Yugoslav

  • Greek

  • Polish

In the year 2011, many people have got the status of Australian citizens by conferral where the participants were from 180 different countries of the world. It is also possible to get the exact figures of that person along with their country from where they belong.

Statistics about Australian citizenship test

You can now get an annual publication about people who have appeared for the Australian citizenship test and how many among the list were successful in qualifying the test. The snapshot test report has a clean report published by the administration concerned about the migration. You can also know about the birth analysis facts of various numbers of applicants.

Quarterly report of citizenship programs

You can now know about the operational statistics at the citizenship quarterly report. You will be able to know about the number of evidence, conferral, descent, finalized by the particular department and number of people who have been accepted as the citizens of Australia. The statistics and reports will help you in getting the motivation for applying for Australian citizenship. You can get an association ship along with the fellow members in Australia and get noticed in the nation.

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