Australian Citizenship for Canadians - Useful Details

Australia gives lots of importance to its age old devoted and fruitful association with Canada. Business associations connecting the two countries are actually over one hundred years old and official political associations were set up in the year of 1939.Till the current times, the associations has extended and both the nations work mutually in lots of fields. Australia works jointly with Canada in an array of global forums, mainly in the United Nations, in the Commonwealth, in the APEC, in the WTO and in the OECD. Australia and Canada derives lots of mutual advantages from considerable business and investment dealings. Healthy associations among the citizens of the two nations also improve the existing relationship between the two countries, with lots of Australians and Canadians taking interest in holidays, migrating to seek work and global education programs in both the nations.

Applying for citizenship

The procedure of filing an application for Australian citizenship for Canadians differs according to their eligibility category. There are a quite a number of modes of application for Australian citizenship for Canadians meeting various eligibility requisites.

In general, to request for Australian citizenship by Canadians they must ensure that:

  • They meet the eligibility criteria according to mode of application selected by them
  • Collect all the necessary documents in original
  • Get those document copied and certified
  • File their request for citizenship with required fee/li>
  • They also need to appear for Australian Citizenship Test

Australian Citizenship Test Details

Since Oct 19, 2009 a new and modified Australian citizenship test design was launched. Canadians who are seeking for Australian citizenship and are appearing for the Australian citizenship tests have to correctly answer at least 15 out of 20 citizenship test questions in order to qualify the Australian citizenship test. In simpler words, a Canadian individual will qualify only if he has answered five or less questions wrong.

On your very own Aussie Citizenship Test website, you have these free of charge citizenship practice questions which are framed to help you to qualify the actual citizenship test. On this website can access unlimited test questions which are formulated based on the resource book Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond.

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