Australian Citizenship for Engineers - How to Apply and Get the Citizenship Information.

Engineers willing to have a citizenship in Australia must have a permanent residency in Australia first. In order to get permanent residency, they need to get a work visa by applying through Engineers Australia that allows them to stay in Australia permanently. Once they are permanent resident, they can apply for citizenship.

Engineers Australia is the selected body to cross check the specialized qualifications in the field of engineering with the intention of skilled migration to Australia. If in case you too want to immigrate to Australia and need an engineering skills assessment, please follow the below mentioned steps.

  • You should carefully read guidelines about getting a visa.
  • You should download the required form the website of Department of Immigration. There are two different forms for non recognised Engineering qualifications and accredited Engineering qualifications.
  • Get ready with your completed application form and submit it.

Occupational groups in Engineering to get visa

Engineers Australia has three occupational groups within the engineering for the purpose of visa assessment:

  • Professional Engineer
  • Engineering Technologist
  • Engineering Associate

For the purpose of immigration, an extra group of Engineering Manager is also accepted.

Document needed to get visa for engineers

You have got to offer the attested original copies of your real degree/diploma certificate and any other succeeding engineering credentials along with their related academic record (example listing of subjects learnt and results achieve). Never ever send the syllabus of the course which you have studied. Attested copies are to be provided straight from the original documentations, which the person who is attesting must see before attesting. A real document is more often than not different from a duplicate photocopy or any other such replica. A real document may sometime have an executive emblem, seal, rubber stamp or a watermark, or may have a signature which is not printed but is handwritten. It should be wise to mention here that the colour scanned copy which is emailed or facsimile copies of the documentations are not accepted by the department. The attested duplicates having the original sign of the attester have to be forwarded as a printer hardcopy by post or by courier.

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