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Individuals who desire to study overseas do so for quite a few reasons. Most important among these reasons is to practise educational research on a theme which is of interest to them. An additional chief reason why students request for scholarships in overseas universities is the opportunity to travel and experience the new culture and new nation.

Australia is also one of the major destinations which global students often select to pursue their education further. And while the details on obtaining a student visa in Australia are accessible through various websites of department and universities all across the internet, a lot of families are not aware of the fact that they can also obtain student guardian visas for themselves so that they can go together with their children in Australia.

Educational exchange students coming to Australia who are of less than 18 years of age are to be needed to have a parent accompanying them while they study in Australia. In extraordinary circumstances, students of more than 18 years old can also be permitted to take a guardian along with them.

This visa is applicable to the guardians of students who shall be taking an educational course in Australia for over three months.

How to get Student Guardian Visa Australia

Once the student visa has been obtained, a parent of the child can forward their request for a student guardian visa by depositing then necessary visa application charges along with the other necessary documentation and go through the Australian visa assessment.

After you obtain your student guardianship visa, you can be permitted to get your other children who are of less than six years of age.

You can also be authorized to take an educational course in any university for yourself, for the period of three months.

Also, it should be wise to mention here that in case if you make a decision to work for the period when your child is pursuing the educational course, you can also forward an application for the Work Visa of Australia or for the Skilled Visa of Australia later on.

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