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The onshore part of the Refugee and Humanitarian scheme focuses to offer alternatives for individuals who are staying in Australia and desire to request for shelter. There is just 1 visa offered to individuals onshore who desire to request for protection.

Protection visa (Class XA) (Subclass 866)

Who can apply for this subclass of visa?

To be issued a Protection visa you will be required to:

  • Be noticed to be owed shelter in Australia, since you are a refugee as mentioned by the Refugees Convention, or since you satisfy the additional shelter standards
  • Be presently in Australia
  • Quality character and security standards
  • Go through the obligatory health tests and
  • Acknowledge the Australian Values Statement.

What facilities do this visa provides to me?

This visa permits you to stay and do a job in Australia as a permanent inhabitant, having the right to use the Medicare and Centreline services.

Owners of the protection visa can also get an array of services to help them in acclimatizing into life and culture of Australia.

Who is owed shelter in Australia?

As per the Refugees Convention refugees are individuals who are not in their home nation and are incapable or reluctant to go back since they have a well established apprehension of harassment because of their:

  • race
  • creed
  • political view
  • ethnic group, or
  • Membership of a specific communal group.

Modifications to the processing of Protection visa

Starting 24 March 2012, 2 major modifications to Protection visa processing will happen.

  • Complementary protection claims will be counted as element of the Protection visa assessment procedure Complementary protection is the word which is used to illustrate a group of safety for individuals who are not recognised as refugees but can not be departed to their home nation.
  • There will be a solo constitutional Protection visa procedure for both boat and air entries. The existing onshore facilities for a PV request and independent advantages reassessment by the Refugee Review Tribunal will be applicable to all the latest entries from 24 March 2012, and to irregular maritime entries that have not faced any protection estimation conference.

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