Australian Visa for Green Card Holders - Information

The Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship needs that all the travellers to Australia carry suitable travel and ID certificates. The visa prerequisites for U.S. citizens carrying green card moving to Australia differ with the kind of visa you require. Following things are necessary in this regard.


Those travelling for business purpose and have U.S. green cards are needed to have a range of documents such as: a legal passport from their nation; their green card as evidence of U.S. residence; two passport sized photos; request Form 456; a submission checklist along with Form 456 that helps travellers in the visa procedure; and proof of health cover for example an indemnity certificate. Documentation for tourists having green cards comprises of: a legal passport; request Form 48 and submission checklist; a passport sized photograph; and proof of health insurance.

Proof of requirement of Travelling

Both business as well as tourist green card owners should offer proof for their purpose of moving to Australia. For business people these consist of: a business memo of liability and an agreement communication on official letterhead representing the tasks to be executed as the person stays in Australia; and a note of invite from the host in Australia. Other necessities consist of evidence of educational and professional credentials. Those coming for tourism are needed to produce their travel schedule and invite note if visiting near and dears.

Financial and Character

Both business as well as tourist green card owners ought to have sufficient money to satisfy their requirements while they stay in Australia. Apart from the requirement of having health cover, candidates ought to produce an evidence of their accessible finances. Candidate may produce bank documents and inspected accounts reports, credit limits of credit cards, salary slips or tax paperwork. These are examined by the immigration executive. In addition candidates may require submitting a character affidavit and showing any criminal history certificate.


Applicants are also required to pay for a suitable Visa charges. Appropriate visa charges can be enquired from the Australian embassy.

Visa Request

Request for an Australian visa may be forwarded online over the internet through the website of Australian Government Department of Immigration and Citizenship. It can also be forwarded by taking the services of an immigration agent.

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