Australian Visa Process - Information about Visa Processing

Before visiting Australia, scholars, tourists and migrants have to go through the Australian visa process. The process can take lots of time, however the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship simplifies it down into various stages to make it trouble-free for candidates. Below are the stages of Australian Visa Process.

Work Visa

  • Forward proof of your professional dexterity to the Government of Australia for evaluation if you are requesting for a work visa. The Department of Immigration and Citizenship suggests forwarding education records, diplomas and work experience as evidence.
  • Download and fill up a visa request from the website of Department of Immigration and Citizenship.
  • Affix all the required documentations to your visa application and endorse the Australian Values Statement in the visa request. Submit it to the nearest consulate along with visa charges.
  • Attend the medical check up when instructed by Government of Australia
  • Forward police certifications from all the places where you have stayed for at least a year when Government of Australia demands for it.

Student Visa

  • Sign up for Overseas Student Health Insurance for the period of your planned reside in Australia.
  • Download a visa request form from the website of Department of Immigration and Citizenship.
  • Affix all the necessary documentations to your visa request. These consist of evidence of admission into an Australian school, 4 passport photos, proof of money to finance schooling expense and living expenditure for the period of your reside in Australia and evidence of Overseas Student Health Insurance. Submit it at nearest consulate.

Tourist Visa

  • Log on to Department of Immigration's ETA page to request for a tourist visa. If you intend to live in Australia for over three months, request for subclass 676 tourist visa by downloading the visa request form.
  • Forward all the required documents to the convenient Australian embassy in your nation of residence if your visa request asks you to do so. Documents needed incorporate your passport, a duplicate of your birth documentation a current passport photo and proof of enough money to finance your complete stay in Australia.
  • Attend a medical check up when asked to do so.

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