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About this visa

Like other bridging visas, a Bridging visa B, also sometimes referred to as BVB is also a provisional visa granted by Department of Immigration and Citizenship, Australia. It permits the possessors to depart and come back to Australia for the time during which their request for a substantive visa is under process.

In case they come back to Australia within the specific travel duration, a BVB will subsequently permit them to live in Australia while their substantive visa request is under process.

Also, they can carry a substantive visa and a Bridging visa B simultaneously.

If you possess a substantive visa that permits you to go for a trip and you consider you can come back to Australia earlier than the expiry of your substantive visa, it shall be your choice if or not you wish for making a request and get a BVB before you leave Australia.

If you choose not to obtain a BVB but make use of your substantive visa during the trip, you have to file an application for a fresh bridging visa of the similar subclass as your earlier one once you come back to Australia and earlier than your substantive visa expires.

What facilities do bridging visa B offers

A BVB permits you to depart and come back to Australia for a particular number of days as your request for a substantive visa is being executed. The immigration office will pay special attention on your main motive behind travelling and when your substantive visa request shall probably executed.

At the time when you have been issued a BVB, the particular number of days for travelling cannot be altered or increased.

If you already possess a valid substantive visa when your Bridging visa B is issued, you have to follow all the rules and regulations associated with that substantive visa. At the time when your substantive visa expires, the rules and regulations of your BVB shall be applicable.

Before you request for a BVB

If you obtain a fresh passport

In case you wish to get a fresh passport, you must do this prior to applying for a BVB. Your visa is connected to the number of your passport you used in your BVB request and you have to employ the same passport during your visit to Australia.

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