Australian Citizenship Process

After becoming Australian citizen, you will be able to call Australia as your home. You can enjoy all privileges in the particular nation as the citizen of the particular nation. You will be responsible towards the nation as the other citizen who were born and brought up in the particular nation. Through Australian citizenship, an individual will be in a state to get enormous rewards. You will be able to join a unique national community once you are in Australian citizenship process.

Steps for getting Australian citizenship

You need to fulfill step by step process to get the status of Australian Citizenship. This is a stage when you will go through formal membership in the particular nation. You will be really proud to say, "I am an Australian". Some of the processing steps include:

  • Filling up of Australian citizenship form
  • Attaching documents related to identity
  • Producing qualification documents
  • Income statement
  • Showing passport and Visa
  • Sitting for Australian citizenship test
  • Interview process
  • Citizenship oath
  • Citizenship ceremony

When can you apply for Australian citizenship?

There are certain criteria on the basis of which you can easily apply for the Australian citizenship. If you are migrated in Australia and have meet the below mentioned eligibility, you can easily apply for the Australian citizenship. You must be:

  • British or the citizen of New Zealand living in Australia for a long time
  • If you are a spouse of an Australian citizen
  • If you are off springs of former Australian citizens
  • If you are among the people who arrived in Australian nation under common wealth child migration scheme
  • If you are the citizen of Papua before independence in the year 1975
  • If you are a refuge from another nation

If you are born in a different nation but have been adopted by the citizens of Australian nation, it will be possible get the status of Australian citizen under Australian Citizenship process. Having born in the particular nation, if you have lost the citizenship certificate, it is possible to get it by resumption.

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