Information about How to Apply Australian Citizenship Online

Foreigner or the resident of Australia can now get citizenship on application. There are some rules and regulations which need to be followed by an individual for getting the citizenship by law in Australia. You can visit Australian embassy in the particular state where you reside and get all information about citizenship in Australia. Today, technology has become so much advanced that people can easily get information through internet. Australian citizenship apply online is a particular way through which people can easily make the application procedure easy without visiting a store.

Who can make application online?

There are certain categories of people who can make application online. The criteria are as follows:

  • You must be above 18 years of age
  • You must be in Australia
  • Individuals should not be a part of Australian defense force
  • You must not be in a state to apply for a fee, exemption or a concession
  • You must be a permanent resident
  • It is important for you to satisfy the requirement of being a resident of the particular country
  • You must not be applying for residence exemption or discretion

Choosing application form online

There are different types of applications shown online. You have to choose the particular application form that suites the requirement of a particular citizen. Australian citizenship apply online is the process of filling up the form which is available in the official website of the authority.

Attach documents

If you have finished filling up the application form online, the next procedure in front of you to close the application process is attaching several documents. The documents should include your date of birth, educational qualification, marriage certificate if married, bank statement etc. You need to attach the scanned copy of each document that has been mentioned.

Online application process will help you to check your application status online. It is also important for you to have a look whether you have proceeded with the application status. You can now ask the representatives online about various information you want to know about the citizenship status and application process.

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