Know about the Australian Citizenship Test

Preparation for the Australia Citizenship Test has become an important step for those who want to set up good career in Australia. Going abroad for study or job is not a trend now but it is a necessity. Australia has been developed a lot from the study and career point of view that's why many people from various countries of the world prefer visiting there and make way to earn good by higher education and excellent career. It has become a simplified deal to pass the Australian Citizenship Test now as there is no lack of good study material and websites to offer practice test papers that really work. Some exclusive criteria are there for one to sit into the test and pass it. Get more information about the test from below sub-topics:

Eligibility to participate in the test

When one plans participating in the Australian Citizenship, it should be very sure about fulfilling eligibilities required for the same. From determination of various points of eligibilities to submission of application for the citizenship, one should carry out every required procedure in this direction. Here are the leading requirements of citizenship -

  • Determination of eligibilities
  • Certification and Xerox of original documents
  • Completion of application
  • Submission of application

Just after submitting your application for citizenship of Australia on the basis of suggested eligibilities, one can get confirmation about sitting in the citizenship test.

What to remember while applying for citizenship test?

One should know some important points regarding eligibilities of the Australian citizenship prior than filling the application form. Persons below the age of 18 years and above 60 years cannot apply for the test as well as those who are suffering from mental incapacity, physical disability and loss of speech, eye sight etc. are excluded from the test. On other hand, people who possess satisfactory points of eligibility for application and participation in Australian citizenship test can proceed forward without any shortcoming. People possessing proof of permanent resident status and satisfactory identity requirements are eligible to sit in the test. One should be free from any kind of criminal record and possess permanent stay for particular nation during the time it applies for Australian citizenship test. Character certificate and domicile certificate care also important documents to be attached with the application.

Introduction about the citizenship test

The Australia citizenship test is designed to evaluate one's knowledge about the country, its privilege, culture and religion. Moreover, you are tested for possessing knowledge of Basic English language. The test possess total 20 multiple choice questions out of which one needs to give 15 correct answers. The questions are generally based upon the Australian culture, politics, economy, government and laws of the country and democratic beliefs. There is no extra fee for the test because charges for the same are included in the application fee. The percentage of people passing the Australian citizenship test has been increased in 2013 from 60 to 75. The main reason behind this surprising increase of number of people selected for citizenship is online practice papers and sample test papers for the citizenship exam. If you are also planning to participate in this test, the idea of downloading the practice paper package is good so far.

Every year, many people are trying to earn citizenship of Australia by participating in the online citizenship test but only those who prepare well for the test by reading relevant topics become successful. You can also secure the way to become the part of this developed country by learning basics of culture, religion, politics and democratic system popular there.

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