Australian Immigration Points - General Skilled Migrant Program Details

The General Skilled Migration program allows the interested applicants an excellent path to get immigration status to Australia, depending on the occupational skills and attributes of the specific candidate. Of course, they will have to crack the Points Test organized by the immigration department of the country so that they become eligible to work in Australia and to get visa. At present, there are six subclasses or categories of the General Skilled Migration visas program for which your skills will be assessed against a Point Test that are mentioned below:

  • Skilled Independent Migrant - Class VE - Subclass 175
  • Skilled Sponsored Migrant - Class VE - Subclass 176
  • Skilled Independent Residence - Class VB - Subclass 885
  • Skilled Sponsored Residence - Class VB - Subclass 886
  • Skilled Regional Sponsored Provisional - Class VF - Subclass 475
  • Skilled Regional Sponsored Provisional - Class VC - Subclass 487

Nomination Requirements

It should be noted here that candidates have to nominate a particular skill or occupation mentioned in SOL or Skilled Occupations List to become eligible for the General Skilled Migration Program of Australia. After this, the applicants are required to approach to the local and most suitable assessing authority in order to get the certificate for relevant skills assessment after which they will have to take the final Points Test.

Rewards of Points - How points are scored in General Skilled Immigration Program?

There are several factors which are assessed by the authorities and the immigration department based on which you become fully eligible to become an Australian immigrant. Yes, simply take a look at the following parameters for awarding points before you nominate an occupation in SOL -

  • Age: Candidates will have to produce proof for their age like birth certificate as per which they will be awarded points. Age groups and points are detailed below -
    18-24 yrs - 25
    25-32 yrs - 30
    33-39 yrs - 25
    40-44 yrs - 15
    45 - 49 yrs - 0
  • Employment experience: You will also earn points for your work experience, either overseas or in Australia however; the maximum scored here in this score can reach up to only 20. For this, you will have to produce evidence to score points.
  • English language proficiency: This is one of the most important criteria for selection in the General Skilled Immigration program which requires the candidate to score at least 6 in IELTS. However, your proficiency in the language will be considered competent if you belong to UK, New Zealand, US, Canada and Republic of Ireland.
  • Sponsored category: Many candidates apply for immigration under the sponsored category when you are eventually sponsored by Australian territory or state government. For this, you will earn extra points however; a family or relative can also sponsor you under visa subclasses 176 or 886.
  • Australian Qualifications: You can score 5 more points if you have completed a degree from authorized Australian institution which must be at least of 2 years duration.
  • Spouse skills: Gaining 5 points will be much easier if your spouse also fulfill these requirements and have got skilled visa in the country.
  • Other point scoring regions: Applicants are also eligible to score points when they provide evidence for higher Skill Level, falling in Bonus Category, better Educational Qualifications and local community language skills.

Applicants are required to score at least 65 points in the test in order to get Australian visa for different subclasses.

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