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Which of the following are the base for Judaeo Christian values?

  • Paintings
  • Bible
  • Museums
  • None of the above

What is the terminology used for the relations, where you offer or receive help or services from known or unknown people at times of necessity?

  • MoneyShip
  • Friendship
  • Mateship
  • Goodsship

Who are all the people who can live and work in Australia till death?

  • Permanent residents
  • Temporary residents
  • None of the above

What is the name of the Democratic process known as where people vote to select a person of their choice to represent them in parliament?

  • Election
  • Request
  • Election boycott
  • None of the above

What is the term used for the Pensions or benefits provided by Australian Government to help disabled, elderly, unemployed and needy people?

  • Women security
  • Men security
  • People security
  • Social security

What is the Judge of a lower court, termed as?

  • Magistrate
  • Chief justice
  • All of the above
  • None of the above

What is the terminology used for the system where votes are casted secretly and the voter is neither influenced by any individual nor does the voter inform others to whom he casted his vote.

  • Personal ballot
  • Online ballot
  • Open ballot
  • Secret ballot

What is the name used for the individuals who is authorised to speak or act on behalf of others?

  • Teacher
  • Educator
  • Representative
  • None of the above

What is a referendum ?

  • A vote to change the government
  • A vote to change the Australian Constitution
  • A vote to change the Prime Minister

What is the other word from the options that can express independence and personal freedom?

  • Slavery
  • Compulsion
  • Liberties (liberty)
  • Suppression

What is the official name of the list, in which names of people across the country eligible to vote are enrolled for use in election?

  • Voting
  • Electoral roll
  • Election boycott
  • None of the above

What form of Government is the one where representatives from public are elected thru regular Parliamentary elections?

  • Presidential democracy
  • Parliamentary democracy
  • Executive democracy
  • None of the above

What terminology would you use for the situation where a partner exercises control over the other by limiting his/her interaction with a third person keeping an eye over all the activities and movements of the person?

  • Social isolation
  • Party isolation
  • Forced isolation
  • None of the above

What is the process called where consideration of a new Law for acceptability is verified?

  • Preview
  • Auditing
  • Review
  • System

What is the Process known as in which obedience of law is exercised among public?

  • Enforce the Law
  • Enforce the Police
  • Enforce the Duty
  • None of the above

What is the term used for the voting system where compulsory voting programmes are implemented, in case of any need for change in constitution arise?

  • Election
  • Referendum
  • All of the above
  • None of the above

What is Commonwealth of Australia?

  • Constitution
  • Federation
  • None of the above

What is the name of the historical voyage of 11 ships that arrived in New South Wales under the captainship of Admiral Arthur Phillip carrying convicts for settlement?

  • Third Fleet
  • Second Fleet
  • First Fleet
  • Fourth Fleet

What is the correct word used to designate the person who works for an organisation without any payment?

  • Agreement
  • Paid Service
  • Free Service
  • Volunteer

What is the name by which a local government area is better known as?

  • State
  • Shire
  • Territory
  • Local area


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