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What is name of the historical fleet of ships lead by Captain Arthur Phillip that carried convicts from Great Britain to New South Wales for establishing convict settlement in Australia?

  • Ninth Fleet
  • First Fleet
  • Fifth Fleet
  • Sixth Fleet

In which year gold was discovered in Australia?

  • 1951
  • 1851
  • 1651
  • 1751

Which is the correct combination of Three Arms of Australian Government?

  • Pacific power, executive power and judicial power
  • Legislative power, executive power and social power
  • Legislative power, accounting power and judicial power
  • Legislative power, executive power and judicial power

What is the name of Australia's national flower?

  • Edelweiss
  • The rose
  • The king protea
  • Golden wattle

Which of the following governments is responsible for social planning?

  • The Australian Government
  • State and territory governments
  • Local governments and the Australian Capital Territory Government

What is capital city of New South Wales?

  • Canberra
  • Sydney
  • Hobart
  • Adelaide

What is Members of senate known as

  • Chief Minister
  • Councillors
  • Member of Parliament
  • Senators

Confirm by YES or NO : To be owner of a Gun you need to obtain a firearm licence from the police?

  • Yes
  • No

Who is the person leading the state government?

  • The Queen
  • Chief Minister
  • Premier
  • The Governor

Who is vested with the power to have reserve powers in Australia?

  • The Queen
  • The Parliament
  • The Prime Minister
  • The Governor-General

Because of presence of how many arms of the Australian Government it is impossible for any external agency to takeover the powers either single handed or in group for governing Australia?

  • Eight arms of government
  • Three arms of government
  • Seven arms of government
  • Five arms of government

What number of members is elected to the senate?

  • 106
  • 176
  • 206
  • 76

Child-care and aged-care issues comes under the purview of which government?

  • Local governments and the Australian Capital Territory Government
  • The Australian Government
  • State and territory governments

What is the terminology for the process of law obedience known as?

  • Enforce the Law
  • Enforce the Duty
  • Enforce the Police
  • None of the above

What is the name of the first governor of the colony of New South Wales?

  • Captain Arthur Phillip
  • Sir Charles Cutler
  • Captain John Hunter
  • Sir John Northcott

In which location is golden wattle found largely?

  • West-Eastern Australia
  • South-Eastern Australia
  • North-Eastern Australia
  • None of the above

Which of the following responsibilities would you prioritise on being an Australian citizen?

  • Defend Australia should the need arise
  • Vote in federal and state or territory elections, and in a referendum
  • Obey the law
  • All of the above

Before which of these years there were six separate, self-governing British colonies in Australia?

  • 1901
  • 1801
  • 1401
  • 1501

In a word what is the Commonwealth of Australia?

  • Federation
  • Constitution
  • All of the above
  • None of the above

Which system is the source of Australia parliamentary democracy?

  • Canadian system
  • British system
  • Japanese system
  • USA system


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