Australian Citizenship Mock Test 3

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With what name a local government area is known as?

  • Territory
  • Shire
  • State
  • Local area

Name of the capital city of Western Australia?

  • Hobart
  • Perth
  • Adelaide
  • Darwin

Which of the following Governments is responsible for matters related to taxation?

  • Local governments
  • State and territory governments
  • The Australian Government
  • Australian Capital Territory Government

Which of the following categories do the Law enforcement comes under?

  • Legislative power
  • Executive power
  • Judicial power
  • Social power

Department of foreign affairs comes under the purview of which level of Government?

  • State and territory governments
  • Local governments
  • The Australian Government

What do you call to system of government that exists in Australia?

  • Parliamentary democracy
  • King rule
  • Queen rule
  • Governor-General rule

People from which of these countries established the first colony in Australia?

  • Canadians
  • Japanese
  • British
  • French

What is the word given to the system where consideration in respect to the acceptability of a proposal for a new law is made?

  • Auditing
  • Preview
  • System
  • Review

What is the name given to the body, formed by the government comprising of two or more persons for any specific cause/critical issues?

  • Commission
  • Coalition
  • Members
  • None of the above

How many languages are spoken in Australia?

  • Over 170 languages
  • Over 400 languages
  • Over 350 languages
  • Over 200 languages

Which of these is an example of freedom of speech?

  • People can peacefully protest against government decisions
  • Men and women are treated equally in a court of law
  • Australians are free to not follow a religion
  • None of the above

What is the leader of a local council called?

  • Premier
  • Mayor or Shire President
  • Chief Minister
  • Senator

Complete the sentence: Matters pertaining to planning and delivering services to their local community is the responsibility of _________ .

  • Senate
  • Administrator
  • Councils
  • People's House

What is the term used to designate an elected member of a Local Council?

  • Premier
  • Councillor
  • Senator
  • Chief Minister

Where in the Australian Government decisions on extremely important matters are taken?

  • The Prime Minister
  • The Queen
  • Cabinet
  • None of the above

Name the capital city of South Australia?

  • Perth
  • Hobart
  • Adelaide
  • Canberra

What is the name of the legal body where people can approach for resolving issues that are heard by a judge or a magistrate?

  • Court
  • Parliament
  • Hall
  • None of the above

Who empowers the Government to govern Australia?

  • The Queen
  • The king
  • The Australian people
  • The Governor-General

Schools in Australia come under which level of government?

  • State and territory governments
  • The Australian Government
  • Local governments
  • None of the above

Whom does any Bill move to after being passed by both houses of parliament?

  • Governor-General
  • The Prime Minister
  • The Queen
  • The Court


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