Australian Citizenship Practice Test 20

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What is a referendum?

  • A vote to change the government
  • A vote to change the Governor-general
  • A vote to change the Prime Minister
  • A vote to change the Australian Constitution

Which is true in regard to criminal activities in Australia?

  • In Australia, it is illegal to show violence towards another person
  • In Australia, it is a serious crime to show violence towards another person
  • All of the above
  • None of the Above

In regard to traffic rules and offenses, which of the following statements do you think is correct?

  • Babies must be in an approved baby car seat
  • Wearing a seatbelt is mandatory for everybody travelling in a car.
  • All of the above
  • None of the Above

Identify the correct statement

  • The car must be registered to drive a car in Australia
  • You must have a local driver's licence to drive a car in Australia
  • All of the above
  • None of the Above

What is the name of the legal document that sets out the basic rules for the government of Australia?

  • The Australian Federation
  • The Australian Commonwealth
  • The Australian Education
  • The Australian Constitution

Which of the following statements is true?

  • For breaking traffic laws, people can be sent to prison
  • For breaking traffic laws, people can be fined large amounts of money
  • All of the above
  • Not mentioned above

Which of these statements best demonstrates Australian values about freedom of expression?

  • Everyone can peacefully express their opinions within the law
  • People with different views from me need to keep quiet
  • Only approved topics can be discussed
  • People are NOT free to meet in public places for social or political discussion

In Australia, can you encourage violence against a person or group of people if you have been insulted?

  • Yes, if you do not intend to carry out the violence
  • No, it is against Australian values and the law
  • Sometimes, if I feel very offended
  • None of the above

What is the name of the proposal to make a law in parliament?

  • Royal Assent
  • Bill
  • Debate
  • None of the above

Should people in Australia make an effort to learn English?

  • People in Australia should speak whichever language is most commonly spoken in their local neighbourhood
  • There is no expectation to learn any particular language in Australia
  • Yes, English is the national language of Australia and it helps to get an education, a job, and to integrate into the community
  • None of the above

To whom is the bill sent when the majority of the members in each house of parliament give their acceptance?

  • The House of Representatives
  • Governor-General
  • MPs
  • Prime Minister

Should people tolerate one another where they find that they disagree?

  • It is against the law to disagree with one another
  • No, people only need to treat each other with respect if they agree with one another
  • Yes, peaceful disagreement reflects Australian values in relation to mutual respect
  • None of the above

Who are the responsible authorities for applying and interpreting law?

  • The House of Representatives
  • The courts in Australia
  • The Ministers in Australia
  • The Governor-General

Which of these is a role of the Governor-General?

  • The appointment of state premiers
  • Signing all Bills passed by the Australian Parliament into law
  • The appointment of the Head of State
  • The appointment of the Members of Parliament

Which of the following is an example of contributing to the Australian community?

  • Volunteering or fundraising for a charity is a great opportunity to strengthen our community
  • I should not make any effort to get to know other people
  • People in Australia should not contribute to the community because Australia is a free country
  • Not mentioned above

Choose the correct statement out of the following

  • Drive after drinking alcohol or taking drugs is against the law
  • While driving, talking on a hand-held mobile phone is illegal
  • All of the above
  • None of the above

Which of these authorities' approval is a mandatory requirement for sending bills to the Governor-General?

  • The Senate
  • The House of Representatives
  • All of the above
  • None of the Above

Which of these statements about voting in Australian elections is correct?

  • Voting is by a show of hands
  • People must write their name on their vote
  • Voting in an election is NOT by secret ballot
  • People are free and safe to vote for any candidate

Which arm of government has the power to interpret and apply laws?

  • Legislative
  • Executive
  • Judicial
  • All of the above

When referring to illegal activities, please select the statement you believe to be true in Australia.

  • Obtaining a firearm license from the police is compulsory for a person who wishes to own a gun
  • In Australia, it is illegal to carry weapons such as knives or guns
  • All of the above
  • None of the Above


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