Australian Citizenship Mock Tests 2023 - Free Citizenship Mock Tests

Australian Citizenship Mock Test is a test which is designed to give a close to real experience to any person. This practice test must be attempted in a quiet place and with an internet connection that runs without any interruptions. Undertaking this test will help you get an almost real experience of the official test. The mock test is like a replica of the format of the Australian citizenship test and offers a chance to get familiarized with the actual format and in an environment which is interactive.

Australian citizenship mock test

Why opt for our mock tests?

The mock test we offer can be attempted as many times as you wish and for free. These are an easy means to learn about your level of preparation for the official test. The mock test mimics the actual test structure where you are given a chance to attempt 20 multiple choice questions like the actual test. You must answer 15 questions correctly while choosing the right option from the four choices provided for each question. The time offered is 45 minutes which is similar to the real test, thus ensuring you can get 'as close to reality' possible experience.

How undertaking mock test can help in qualifying in the real test?

The mock test on our website contain 20 multiple choice questions from the official book "Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond" from the testable section. The questions asked are majorly based on the topics which are

Judged by priority and experiences which real people had, the 20 questions in each mock test are from the testable section of the official resource book. It's believed that passing all the mock test means you have 85% chances of getting through the actual citizenship test for Australia.

A word of advice

It's highly recommended to read the "Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond" official book before attempting the mock test and also to undertake the practice tests on the website The recently added section of new practice tests can also be attempted for free to prepare more confidently and with updated information. Also there have been included 200 new sample questions based on the suggestions of people who have actually appeared in the test to help increase the chances of new applicants of qualifying in the test.