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I want to apply for Australian Citizenship. Thanks - Silva.
This is a brilliant web site to help you revise your test questions for you Citizenship - Trish.
The review to me was great.No need to improve. Sometimes the simplest of questions throw you and you become surprised at how little you know. I an disappointed in myself that I only got 17 out of so. Shame on me. - Rosalind Diane Szybiak
The practice test papers are fantastic. I haven't given my test but hope to pass it in first instance. Plus I am surely learning something new in each of the practice tests. Thank you for being so considerate. Appreciate it. Cheers. Jayshree Chandak.
It was interesting and fun to learn about Australia, this test is well chalked out, most simplest way to study the historical achievements and political structure of this beautiful country! Even the children were as interested to participate making it lot more enjoyable! Thanks for the opportunity, we appreciate it! - sujaya narula.
It very help ful - Shazia Nota.
Very exciting - Fetiya hashim.
this help me to know important thing in Australian History. - Jennifer Cruz.
this is very gud program. It is very helpful of us to improve and practice. - sidheek.
passed Australian citizenship test. thanks. - Nhung Arnold.
The test was very useful, and I learned many things. Thank you. - Fahimeh Saatchi.
Delighted to have scored 100%, best way to get to know everything about Australia. - sujaya.
ok good - hardik vyas
Although it's important that we know this information I have lived in Australia for most of my life and I was scratching my head for the answers the questions could be a lot easier especially for new migrants that don't understand the constitution thank you - Rose Douglas.
you can improve it by translation, so i mean translating it to many other languages - seyyed akbar hosseini.
I got 95% , happy with what I have got , ready for my test tomorrow , thank you , I now have learn so much online practicing, it was really helpful thank you. - nyan.
Very good - Athavan Ananthanayagam.
its my best experiences in my life. i really enjoy it.... - rizwan umer.
Hi my name is Saida bi. I would like a Aussie citizen. Its olny my first try ok. - saida bi.
good and best site to review our readings and prepare for the test - elsy.
I want to apply for citizenship in November 2015 - semaema waqa.
very good - anil.
The citizenship test that very good for practice and understand for living in Australia. - Patchara Lewis