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Thanks for uploading this useful question & answers. Great job! - W Fonseka.
Thank you for this wonderful website. - Jin.
I required to do a lost of study in order to sit and pass the Australian Citizenship Test - Lam Tran Ingram.
I do not get Australian citizenship yet. That's why I am doing online Australian citizenship practice test. And I found if I am able to pass this test. Could you put me on the list of people who will come to do this test in the future? - Mireille Wangezono Mayaya.
This Citizenship test is very helpfully for practice - Merima Podlavicki
read carefully the questions and then answer - hoa vinh sengchansavang.
Passed 100%, all test questions have seen before in this website. You don't even need to read the book. - Eman Youssef.
I like it. - mireille.
Passed with 90%, only i am do the best thank. - lyekin angus.
It's actually a great and helpful piece of information. I am glad that you just shared this useful information with us. Please stay us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing. - Johnd.
Australian citizenship test that very good for people to understand when living in Australia. If you to be Australian citizenship,you must obey the law. - Patchara Lewis.
very confident the test and i never even know all the question and i got 100% score.. wohoooo! - jofel.
It is so good. Thank you - Ingram.
Thank You so much - Tran.
It is very good for practice. Thank you - Lam.
very help full citizenship test questions - Ali arif gulistani.
I found the citizenship test to be a challenging yet, enjoyable experience. Thank you. - Margaret Temara.
My name is daniel pyne i read they question from and i pass, please send some infromation - DanielPyne.
Yes I agree what rozee say - Lam Tran Ingram.
I am pass citizenship test - rozee.
i got 20/20. hope i will pass the official citizenship test - james
very easy to atten the test. - moses.
first i would like thank you all, for this wonderful opportunity to go through such an awakening questions, to be honest i do not have any problem with the test its ok with but i have come across one thing that you need to think very well before an answer i like, lastly if you add more more of culture stuff on the test it can be so amazing. thanks - Robert.
Great - Anit.
Good - Ponciano samson.