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Introduction of Australian Citizenship - Our Common Bond

The world is becoming a global village in the recent times and people are interested in migrating to different countries for various reasons. Australian Citizenship is a privileged offer in one's life. It offers number of awards. Australia has a unique nationality. It is a combined of the intellectual locals and others who came later from around the world. It is a commitment of becoming a part of Australian community and working together to make Australia a great country.

www.aussiecitizenshiptest.com is a website to help people who would like to take the Australian citizenship. The test is designed and developed to help the candidate to clear the test in the first attempt or in minimum attempts. It assists in preparing the test and evaluates the person's proficiency.

The private policy of www.aussiecitizenshiptest.com website has certain Terms and Conditions which have to be followed by the user.

Terms and Conditions

www.aussiecitizenshiptest.com claims that on subscribing for the test, one agrees to use it for personal purpose and for training purpose only. The website is only a guide, and does not take guarantee of the results.

Registration is provided with an e-mail, log in ID and password of the candidate's choice. Any unauthorised activity resulting on the site should be informed immediately to the website owners. The information provided at the time of Registration becomes a subject of the websites private policy.

Copyrights and Trademarks

The content, graphics, logos, button icons, images, audio clips, downloads, service names, trademarks trade dress and software belongs to the www.aussiecitizenshiptest.com and protected under the Australian and International copyright laws. No one can download, copy, reproduce, modify, distribute, republish, display, post or transmit any part of the site without permission.

Termination of services

Advertising Programs The website uses outside adverting programs from time to time, but the users are requested not to enter the website through these programs. This may reduce the number of new users to enter the site. The site has the right to suspend anyone found entering the site through these advertising links more than a specified number of times.


It is very difficult to settle in a new country which is different in all aspects from a place one lives in. www.aussiecitizenshiptest.com presents an insight into the culture, the political system, history, and law and government of Australia. These things are essential for a person to know before taking the citizenship of Australia.

So step forward enrol into the www.aussiecitizenshiptest.com, accept its Terms and Conditions sincerely and have the right to say --- "I am an Australian"