What Do The Three Levels of Government Do?

The main difference between the three levels of government is that, although some responsibilities may overlap, generally each level of government provides different services.

The Australian Government is responsible for:

  • taxation
  • national economic management
  • employment assistance
  • postal services and the communications network
  • social security (pensions and family support)
  • defence
  • trade and commerce
  • airports and air safety
  • foreign affairs (relations with other countries).

State and territory governments are primarily responsible for:

  • hospitals and health services
  • schools
  • roads and railways
  • forestry
  • police and ambulance services
  • public transport.

Local governments (and the Australian Capital Territory Government) are responsible for:

  • street signs, traffic controls
  • local roads, footpaths, bridges
  • drains
  • parks, playgrounds, swimming pools, sports grounds
  • camping grounds and caravan parks
  • food and meat inspection
  • noise and animal control
  • rubbish collection
  • local libraries, halls and community centres
  • certain child-care and aged-care issues
  • building permits
  • social planning
  • local environmental issues

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