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This site is great and complete at 20 practice sessions to be sure you get 20/20. thankyou team for putting these tests together.
After practicing all 20 mock tests, I went for my citizenship test today. I completed my test in literally 6 minutes in which I went through all answers again before submitting. I scored 100%. I appreciate these free tests that covered all parts of Common Bond in detail, they were helpful and gave me confidence. Thank you for compiling these tests and this website. - Swati.
1st of all thanking you Aussie site for this wonderful practice. i score 100%. 2nd of all thanking you and thanking you - Mr Singh.
I pass the test of 80% thank. - Ayuel.
Practice test is good for learning. - Jaime.
I went through all practice tests and it has helped me out a lot. Thank you - Gary.
its excellent. i would love to get another free test. - manju.
I have given correct answered for 18 out of 20 questions. - Arachchi.
Thank you for your accurate practice tests. I got 100% on the test. The mock tests and the practice tests were a great help. - Harman.
I used new practice test 2015 and free practice, but before I watching the DVD. - Cressance.
My test is tomorrow i.e 30th July. I am very much tensed. Hope these tests help me to get through it. Thanks - Kale Priya.
Great Website, helpful for new Ozzie Citizenship Practices. Thanks heaps. - Saichol K.
i would like to practice more on this website. - peter nguyen.
It's very helpful and respectful to get the Australian citizenship test done. We are testing our self to know how much we know or understand about this beautiful country. - Latifa.
I passed the Australian citizenship test today - lani blaze.
Thanks for your free services it is really really very helpful. - Dawat Hussaini.
need practice for pass the Australian citizenship test - Vaishali Bopardikar.
I am so happy when I got 100% - Van lap vo.
Thanks for uploading this useful question & answers. Great job! - W Fonseka.
Thank you for this wonderful website. - Jin.
I required to do a lost of study in order to sit and pass the Australian Citizenship Test - Lam Tran Ingram.
I do not get Australian citizenship yet. That's why I am doing online Australian citizenship practice test. And I found if I am able to pass this test. Could you put me on the list of people who will come to do this test in the future? - Mireille Wangezono Mayaya.
This Citizenship test is very helpfully for practice - Merima Podlavicki
read carefully the questions and then answer - hoa vinh sengchansavang.
Passed 100%, all test questions have seen before in this website. You don't even need to read the book. - Eman Youssef.