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So fantastic preparation to who people's need to succeed the citizens test. - Michael.
I thought the test was amazing! I got every question right! (: - Kelsey Bjelovarac.
Thanks for this website! It's nice that we who are preparing for citizenship test can access the mock tests for free and get a good practice of it. - Ruth.
Thank you so much, done my test and got 100%. Practise test were very helpful - Lens.
Found the tests helpful, hope they match questions at the citizenship test. Will let you know once I sit it next week. - Suzette.
Well, what can i say but thank you so much. Studied these questions and done a page everyday for 2 months until I got 100%. Just came back from test. Was in there 5 mins with 100% pass. Thank you dearly - Chris.
Awesome practice questions. Great to have at hand. With I have gone from getting 60% correct to 98%. Doing my test on 20/7/16. Will let you know how it went and if same questions were asked. - Chris.
Great work putting all these questions together. Very very helpful preparing for the main test. I would suggest to everyone to give it a go before attending test. Thank you - Chaitali Patel.
I went for my Citizenship Test today and passed with 100% pass rate-could not have done it without this amazing site-thanks so much and good luck to all of you. - Margaret Waters.
Absolutely fantastic website for refreshing / knowledge of Australia. I was really nervous about taking my citizenship test but gained confidence after taking the 20 sample tests. As it turns out - When I went for my actual interview - I did not need the allocated 45 minutes to complete the citizenship test. Instead I completed the test in just 4 minutes and scored 100%!!!! Thank you so much. - Sharon James.
This is a fantastic site for helping to prepare for the Citizenship Test. Hoping to pass on 20th June after waiting almost 12 months! - Margaret Waters.
Just wanna say "Thank You" for this practice test. Did my test today and had a 100% pass (both my husband and I). All the questions we practiced on were questions we were asked. So grateful for your help (whoever you are). Really appreciate it! - Jerusha.
Thanks you very much for the practice test. I passed the test with less than 5', but don't want to stand up early so i have to pretend on last question. Thanks again. - Chinh.
The best practice test. I like all the tests and get lots of knowledge about Australia. I passed citizenship test because of this website. Thanks for this. - Devangkumar Upadhyay.
This is really good, it helped me to pass at first go... - Ramu
What a wonderful website.... i practiced for 2 days and i passed the test for the first time with 100% today.... thank alot... i dont think i can do it with perfect score in 3 minutes.... AMAZING...... - DC Nguyen
Very nice .really appreciate taking out your time and gathering all relevant through test in first attempt. - Zaya
practice test 10 I just finish all my practice test and i give my rating thank you for learning all , so that Aussie citizenship, test can provide more service, and will help us to improve a good quality of experiences, for the first learning at all the times. - jean cyril bernard
The website is very good thanks. - marian fatima sullah
This website is very helpful. Thanks - zerin
It's amazing very helpful for those who want to do their Australian citizenship test better then every single app save you time & practice here thanks. - M Arif khadimi.
It is good to read the book first to understand and help people to have the knowledge about Australia. Answering the questions which improve the abilities of understanding Australia. - Tran.
if I read and understood the book then it will be easy to answer all the citizenship test questions. - Nhien.
Thanks a lot to this awesome site.I passed the test today scoring 100%.I would like to recommend this page to every body who are willing to sit on citizenship test. - Krishna.
Very good site, passed my citizenship test today. - Carl.