Australian citizenship test reviews & ratings

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Excellent questions for me to ask about a Country. - Victor Jorge da Silva.
Thanks for the useful site and information. I really found this practice test very useful. - Dawlat Hussaini.
Got a 100% score from my citizenship test today. This website helps me a lot. Thank you - Rose.
The information you provided is fairly straightforward. However, it seems to me that the person who wrote the questions for Free Mock Tests has very little knowledge of English grammar which renders many of the questions nonsensical and unrelated to the actual answers. I have English as my mother tongue but if I did not, I probably would not have been able to guess the intention of the questions. You should at the very least, use correct English in your questions so they can be understood. People who take these tests are trying their best and genuinely want to be citizens, otherwise they would not be taking the tests. Many people taking these tests won't have English as a first language. Initially I thought these poorly written questions littered with errors were the result of bad management and lack of proofreading. I hope that is all it is. If you are deliberately using incorrect English to confuse people, I think it is a very poor show indeed. Regards, - Troy White.
It's really very help full citizenship test. - Ismail.
This is a great tool to use. Best place for knowledge if you want to know everything about Australia and its people, culture, beliefs, etc. - Alan Tokawa.
i like website cause i can be Australian and live in country with fellow muslum friends. - hugh ganus.
Thank you very much for the personal who came up with this great I dear to help people. I been practice on this web, and when I did final test was so easy about 10. - Issa.
Awesome practice tests, really helped prepare me for the 'real' test. About 3/4 of your questions were on the actual test. A big thank you! - Meghan.
Given test today. Completed in less than 5 minutes. Score 100%. The site is indeed helpful. My tips are 1. Start reading the prescribed book on daily basis. Start reading at least 15 days before test. Read all sections in one go. Mark important dates, events. 2. Do all Free Practice test with Mock 3. The questions appears randomly from all sections All the best. - Taseer.
I thought the questions were good but some of the grammar could be better,unless this written this way to see if you understand English?but it still worth a 5 star Rating. - Robert Warwick.
Really good test material. I've passed my test with 95% after preparing form this website. Thanks. - Hunain Aslam.
Very helpful website. I passed my test last week with flying colour :) .... Thank you for making this website. Cheers :) - Agnes.
It's very useful free website for the people wanting to be come Australian, writing this comment on behalf of my friend, helping her to pass a test, it's her 4th times now to sit for the test still can't pass it, anyway it's a huge help this website to her, Thank you. - Marites Molineux.
It was interesting doing the practice exams. I am an Australian citizen and it was encouraging that I passed the exams. BUT the many of the questions are grammatically incorrect and additionally are hard to understand with awkward structure and syntax. I suspect the person who wrote them was NOT a native English speaker. Sometimes I had to very carefully go through the question to try to work out what it was asking. - Janet Witmer.
What a wonderful idea those question. This questions really determine how much we know about Australia before we become citizen. Very well put in order. Well done Australia. - Leah Tabalon.
The mock tests helped me to evaluate my knowledge and review some answers. I am confident now to face the real one - Nee.
Thank you very much for the personal who came up with this great I dear to help people. I been practice on this web, and when I did final test was so easy about 10 minutes. - Nestor Iteriteka
Thank you so much all the best I pass 100% 20 questions in 7 minute 1 time now waiting for ceremony citizenship latter. Warangkhana
Awesome very helpful test. I passed with 100% yesterday The best website for citizenship test ( been practiced too many site and App) - Anchisa Thank you very much
The practice test was really helpful to me. It gave me confidence in Facing the real exam That I have to take part today. It also covers the entire testable questions from the book. - Prasad Dassanayaka
One of the best site to practice citizenship test. - Shrinivas.
First, many thanks to put together these series of practice tests. It has been of great help on the preparation for the citizenship test. I have taken some of these tests and I would like to bring to your attention that in test number 7 questions 13 and 15 are in my opinion incorrect. in Our Common Bond literally states about Northern Territory: "Most of its small population live in the capital city, Darwin, and along the main highway between Darwin and Alice Springs" Therefore the answers for questions 13 and 15 are in fact incorrect. Hope this helps. - VICTOR.
Wow, thanks so much for providing these practice tests. I have been doing these tests and today I smashed my official citizenship test with 95% or 19/20. Wow, great, your website is really helpful for citizenship test preparation. Cheers, Gisele! - Gisele Giramahoro.
Test questions are great but there's something wrong with the calculating method of the total score. Out of the 10 tests I took 7 gave wrong total scores. The review box appeared one wrong and the total score was always miscalculated as 17/20 with the wrong percentage too. - Manoja.